Workshops and Conversations Supporting Mental Health

In this new speaker series, we bring together experts on a wide range of topics to share strategies for coping with stress, change, and uncertainty.

All meetings are open to the community. Each virtual meeting will be hosted via Zoom and Facebook Live. Join the mailing list to learn about series updates.

Upcoming Events

Connecting Community with Mindfulness Workshop

Tuesday, December 1 @ 7 PM

Dive into the holiday season with a smart mindfulness tips. Let’s face it – it’s been a tough year and our holidays and start of school year are likely different than what we are accustomed to. We’ll share ways to refocus and reconnect with yourself with mindfulness exercises.

Why Mindfulness? Mindfulness can help relieve stress, treat heart disease, lower blood pressure, reduce chronic pain, improve sleep, and alleviate gastrointestinal difficulties and increases our ability to regulate emotions, decrease stress, anxiety and depression.

Co-Hosted by Torrance Council of PTAs

Connecting Community through Conversation: Conversations about Equity

Tuesday, January 19 @ 7 PM

Spanish Translation available!

During the conversation, Dr. Darin Earley will provide a foundational understanding for addressing the socio-cultural inequities and racial disparities in our school communities. Focusing on historical context, personal reflection and relationship building, Dr. Early will provide strategies for developing culturally competent practice and healthy interactions.

Guest Speaker: Dr. Earley, ED.D. is the Director of the Loyola
Marymount University Family of Schools (FOS) and part-time
professor in the LMU School of Education. With an acute focus
on supporting marginalized groups in PK-16 education, Dr. Earley
is a champion for racial equity and cultural diversity initiatives
within the LMU School of Education, across the university, amongst partner schools, stakeholders, local businesses leaders and community non-
profit agencies. Dr. Earley has piloted various innovative, equity-based efforts in support of students, teachers and other educational stakeholders.

Strategies and Tips During the College Application Process. In this webcast we’re joined by two higher learning experts, Maryan Kang and Jessica King. They share insights on the college admission process and give practical tips and key considerations as you embark on your admissions journey.

Conversations with High School Parents & Guardians. In this session, facilitated by Thirty-Third District’s Michael Morgan, we share our experiences, strategies for navigating an unusual high school experience and areas of concern.
September 25 – Strategies for Stress and Anxiety During Distance Learning
Guest Speaker: Debra Duardo, M.S.W., Ed.D., Los Angeles County Superintendent of Schools
September 15 – Connecting Community Workshop: Supporting Your Child During Distance Learning
Guest Speakers: Jessica Siberling, Executive Director of Special Education and Dr. Susan Wildes, Executive Director of Educational Services of Redondo Beach Unified School District
September 10 – Virtual Programs
Learn how to create programs, find free resources, and participate in California State PTA and National PTA programs, even during a pandemic!

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